Our Values


Improve health and well-being of the community through local, high quality and compassionate healthcare services.  Treatment services are person-centered, evidence-based, and offered within an integrated healthcare model.



To be a trusted and financially strong provider of high quality healthcare services who collaborates with others to creatively respond to the health needs of a diverse community.


We are transparent and ethical in all that we do.


We will be responsible with our resources and self-sustaining.


We will treat our patients and each other with respect.


We are committed to continually improving the quality of the services we provide.


We recognize that employees cannot be taught to care; we will diligently pursue and reward employees who demonstrate compassion and integrity.


“Doing the right thing” in a professional manner is a demand we make of ourselves.


We value creating solutions, not casting blame.


We value community support and input.


HopeBridge Hospital

5556 Gasmer Dr

Houston, TX 77035


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